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WORDsearch / Lesson Maker, vol. 7 (CD-ROM)

  • Search Greek or Hebrew with an on-screen keyboard for Greek or Hebrew characters. You can enter unaccented Greek text and Hebrew without vowel points, and the search engine will find all word forms.
  • Re-refine your searches.  Often search progresses in stages, where you do a search then see a way to improve it by paring away “hits” you don’t want. Now there’s a “Narrow Search” button to let you add qualifications to refine a search without starting over.
  • Bible-only tab.  Since most searches are of the Bible only, we’ve made it easier by placing Bibles into a separate tab on the search dialog.
  • Works with Collections so you can control which sources are searched—from your library, your documents, select internet websites, and the Community Library.
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