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What is The Salvation Army (2017 Edition)

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   This booklet provides a brief overview of The Salvation Army and answers frequently asked questions. Today, the Army's religious and social-service activities serve millions of men, women and children in more than 125 nations. Volunteers, contributors and other supporters make those services possible in local community after local community.

   William and Catherine Booth began The Salvation Army in July 1865 — William as preacher for a small congregation in the slums of London; Catherine right by his side, testifying to God's work and inviting others to invest financially. With the military spirit of professional soldiers combined with the compassion of their faith, they battled against almost overwhelming enemies: debasing povert, biased public policy, ignorance, addictions, sin and despair.

   The Salvation Army today embodies the very same qualities with which the Booths launched this movement that has touched the world.

Includes information on
  • History
  • Vision
  • Services
  • World Missions
  • Structure
  • 4x9"

Revised 2017
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