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Bringing Scripture Alive!
Volume 3 - Justice
  • 46 Sketches, Monologues, Prayers and Readings
  • 116 Pages, Spiral Bound

Eastern Territory Arts Ministries Bureau


The mission of The Salvation Army has always been rooted in service to the poor, encompassed in and expressed through love for God. the historical roots regarding the care of the marginalized and oppressed run deep, In the past several years, there has been an awakening of passion in Christ's followers regarding issues of social justice.

What Is Justice?

The Bible almost always links justice with 'widows, the fatherless, orphans, the poor, hungry, strangers, needy, weak and oppressed.' Something in life has gone wrong for these people. Seeking justice means that impoverished people, the unemployed, abused, addicted and the disenfranchised get a chance to make some choices that allow them to live right. Justice is making life right for others. Justice means working for the dignity, respect and God-given rights of all people. Justice listens carefully to those who are being overwhelmed by life's demands and seeks their counsel. Justice addresses causes of injustice. Justice restores. Justice rebuilds people's lives. Justice make its possible for people to begin again.

What Are the Issues?

The Issues are prevalent today range from local to global, and affect us all. Among them are human trafficking, extreme poverty, the global water crisis, war and refugees, ecological crises, fair trade and economics, homelessness, HIV/AIDS, and even more.

What Does Scripture Say About it?

It is God's heart from the beginning of the Old Testament to the end of the New Testament: stewardship of the earth, release of the captives, freedom for the oppressed, food for the hungry, love for the unloved. Without these things, there is no true Justice. Do we use our mouths to uplift our egos or advocate for the voiceless? Do we use our money to gratify ourselves or sustain the livelihoods of others> Do we consume resources without thought or with the highest level of stewardship consciousness? These are just as much spiritual issues as they are justice issues. God has woven a tremendously involves web of life intricately and inextricably connecting all life to His life and to each other.

The purpose of Bringing Scripture Alive! is to creatively express the Word of God so that it may be experienced in a fresh way. The prayers, readings, and scripts in this book deal with a variety of justice topics. they are intended for use in worship settings and range from simple readings to more complex sketches for seasoned actors. they are meant to convict, challenge, and inspire us to join in the battle and for ourselves to be channels of hope in a dark and unjust world. May we encourage you and your performance groups to approach this material that is infused with the Word of God thoughtfully and prayerfully. May he be glorified.

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