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  • In the Zone!

    In the Zone!

    ᄀᆳstuff to make 'n' bake By Cheryl Tinker 107 pages. Published 2008, The Salvation Army Packed with recipes, crafts, activities and puzzles, In the Zone will keep kids busy for hours.Fun for kids and great resource for parents,...

  • Lyssa Lamb


    This story is based in I Peter 5:8. This scripture warns God's people to beware of Satan who roams about like a roaring lion. He looks for lives to destroy. Our journey through life is a dangerous path. We...

  • Teen Talk: Facing life as it is

    Teen Talk: Facing life as it is

    By Beverly Ivany 400 pages. Published 1994, The Salvation Army ForewordTEEN-TALK is a book of self-discovery that holds a promise of excitement for every reader. Teen years are a time of expanding awareness. Exploration is best done...

  • Leading a Child to Christ


    By Miriam Blackwell 23 pages. Published 1987. Revised 2000 Since its inception The Salvation Army has coveted children for the Kingdom, realizing that childhood is the time when values are established and loyalties developed.The...

  • My Life In God's Hands

    My Life In God's Hands - A One Army Youth Book

    A One Army Youth Book By Nick Coke 32 pages. Published 2017, OneArmy My Life in God's Hands has been written to accompany Robert Street's bookIn The Master's Hands. It explores what it means to be a follower of Jesus as a young person...