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  • Helps to Holiness

    Helps to Holiness

    By Samuel Logan Brengle 145 pages. Published 1896, Reprinted 1992 The Salvation Army "Early in life God led me to this little book. Its simplicity straightforwardness, and clarity helped establish my mind and heart in what it means...

  • Heart Talks on Holiness

    Heart Talks on Holiness

    By Samuel Logan Brengle 117 pages. Published 1897, Reprinted 1988 The Salvation Army Having personally heard Brengle speak many times I remember some of the incidents he told from his own life as written in Heart Talks On Holiness...

  • Samuel L Brengle's Holy Life Series

    Samuel L Brengle's Holy Life Series

    SIX MODERNIZED TITLES FOR NINE OF SAMUEL L. BRENGLE'S FAMOUS WORKS This classic set comprises the complete works of Samuel L. Brengle, one of the greatest nineteenthᄀᆰcentury minds on holiness...

  • Heart For God

    Heart For God

    9 Books by Samuel Logan Brengle in 1 volume. 187 pages. Published 2009, Carpenter Media With spiritual formation small group notesᄀᆴYou learn so much so fast.ᄀᆵHere is one of the great writers on holiness, brought fresh to todayᄀᆵs...

  • The Way of Holiness

    The Way of Holiness

    "The books of Samuel Logan Brengle, though written in the early years of this century, are relevant today to all Christians.? They stand solidly on the truths of God's Word.? The Way of Holiness...

  • Ancient Prophets and Modern Problems

    Ancient Prophets and Modern Problems

    By Samuel Logan Brengel 202 pages. Published 1929, Reprinted 1984 Brengle in this book gives counsel on, among others, the following modern problems: Why I wanted My Wife to Be My Wife Recent Acts of the Holy Ghost Must You...

  • The God Who Saves

    The God Who Saves

    By Chick Yuill 28 pages. Published 1984, The Salvation Army The revelation of the redemptive nature of God through his saving acts recorded in the Bible is the theme of this book. The author, who is currently serving as a corps...

  • Love-Slaves


    By Samuel Logan Brengle 132 pages. Published 1923, Reprinted 1982 Here is an encouraging messageᄀᆰcalculated to incite us to seek the highest.? Side by side there goes the force and light of love.Here are words to clear the thought as...

  • When the Holy Ghost is Come


    Of colonial stock, Commissioner Brengle left the security of the Methodist Episcopal Church for the uncertainties of officership in The Salvation Army. Outstanding Christian leaders...

  • Guest of the Soul

    Guest of the Soul

    By Samuel Logan Brengle 127 pages. Published 1934, Reprinted 1992 The Salvation Army "Guest of The Soul reflects the glory of Mount Sinai merged with the love and compassion of Jesus. Tho' Samuel Logan Brengle is now in glory, this...