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  • Purity of Heart

    Purity of Heart

    By William Booth 68 pages. Published 1902, revised 2007, The Salvation Army This series is intended to help a new generation of readers become familiar with works published across the years by The Salvation Army and which over time...

  • Life in the Spirit

    Life in the Spirit

    By Bramwell H. Tillsley 109 pages. Published 1986, The Salvation Army Whether his message comes via the printed page or from the public platform, General Bramwell Tillsley (Rtd) is acknowledged to be one of The Salvation Army's most...

  • After This Manner


    A Book for Today about Jesus and Prayer By Clarence D. Wiseman 295 pages. Published 1984, The Salvation Army General and Mrs. Wiseman are Canadians who, prior to their retirement in July, 1977, served for fifty years as active Officers...

  • In Good Company


    By Frederick Coutts 147 pages. Published 1980, The Salvation Army This is an egalitarian fellowship if ever there was one. None of us but serve under a pledge to go where we are sentᄀᆰpersonal health and family ties permitting. None...

  • The Heart of God Poems about Jesus

    The heart of God poems about Jesus by Robert Street

    Copyright ? 2022 The General of The Salvation Armyby: Robert Street70 pages'Robert Street draws on his lifetime of experience with The Salvation Army - his compassion for people, his heart for communities, his understanding of pain and challenge, of...

  • Who Are These Salvationists?

    Who Are These Salvationists?

    An Analysis for the 21stCentury By Shaw Clifton 240 pages. Published 1999, Crest Books Drawing on scholarly research and Salvation Army service on give continents, Shaw Clifton has written a seminal study that explores the Army's...

  • A New Day

    A New Day by Peter McGuigan

    Copyright ? 2022 The General of The Salvation Armyby Peter McGuigan86 pagesWriting during the pandemic on relationships, responsibility and spiritual renewal.?Peter McGuigan describes himself as a 'communicator and collaborator for a better world'. He is...

  • Holiness ablaze! Twenty talks for pentecost

    Holiness ablaze! Twenty talks for pentecost Shaw Clifton

    Holiness Ablaze! ᄄC Twenty Talks for Pentecost?looks at the life-changing events of Pentecost through another inspiring collection of twenty talks.Twenty Talksᄀᆳ?is a series of short uncomplicated talks that seek to be helpful as possible thought and...

  • Sacred Risk: Twenty Talks for Advent and Christmas

    Sacred Risk Twenty Talks for Advent and Christmas

    Christian preachers are free to take and use any of the Talks in any way that helps them. Study or fellowship groups might find them useful, as also those preferring to sit, read and ponder quietly alone.It is hoped that these Talks might find their way...

  • To Seize This Day Of Salvation

    To Seize This Day of Salvation

    World leaders of The Salvation Army are accorded a wide variety of venues and circumstances within which to cast the vision God has given. As the Army's international leaders, General Paul Rader and...

  • Essentials of Christian Experience


    Frederick Coutts 120 pages. Published 1969, Fourth Edition Printed 2011 This pocket-sized book is a further addition to the series featuring classic Salvationist texts. The aim is to help a new generation of readers become familiar...