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  • What You Should Know about The Salvation Army

    What You Should Know about The Salvation Army

    2012 RevisionThis short booklet holds a wealth of information about The Salvation Army's services, history, doctrine, and most importantly, its mission to "spread the gospel of Jesus Christ and meet human needs in His name without discrimination."

  • Salvationist Ethics in a Complex World


    103 pages. Spiral bound Published by The Salvation Army - USA Eastern TerritoryAs The Salvation Army engages with the complex moral and social issues found in the broader culture, there is an enduring imageᄀᆰthe preacher with the Bible in one...

  • Quotes of the Past and Present

    Quotes of the Past and Present

    A Compilation of Columns from The War Cry magazine. 228 pages. Published 2009, The Salvation Army Quotes of the Past & Present, the latest offering from Crest Books, is a compilation of memorable quotes taken largely from the...

  • A View From The Corner


    By Bob Docter 168 8 x 10 high quality glossy pages. Published 2008, Frontier Press No one understands the mission of The Salvation Army ᄀᆰ or revels in it more ᄀᆰ than Dr. Bob Docter, O.F. Player-coach, perceptive commentator, critic...

  • My New Life in Christ

    My New Life in Christ

    For new believers in Christ who want to grow in faith and understanding Spiral bound study book 71 pages. Published 2005, The Salvation Army We are The Salvation Army"What a strange name! What does it mean? Just what it saysᄀᆰa...

  • The Salvationist Pulpit

    The Salvationist Pulpit

    Compiled by John D. Waldron 339 pages. Published 1991, The Salvation Army A collection of sermons, by salvation army officers and soldiersCONTRIBUTORS Lt. Colonel Eric C. Britcher General Eva Burrows Mrs. Lt. Colonel John...

  • The Salvationist and the Atonement

    The Salvationist and the Atonement

    Compiled by John D. Waldron 283 pages. Published 1982, The Salvation Army This volume, an anthology on the ATONEMENT, brings to us articles from the pens of Army writers including our founders through to present day officers. ...

  • In The Master's Hands

    In the Master's Hands Each Life Sacramental

    Each Life Sacramental By Robert Street 70 pages. Includes DVD Published 2016 The Salvation Army Produced for Salvationists and nonᄀᆰSalvationists alike, this book and DVD convey what the Army sees as essential or not so essential...

  • Chosen to Be a Soldier


    Orders and Regulations for Soldiers of The Salvation Army. The Salvation Army International Headquarters 91 pages. Revised 1994 General OrderCommanding officers are responsible for seeing that the soldiers of their corps are acquainted...

  • War On Two Fronts


    William Booth's Theology of Redemption By Roger J. Green 151 pages. Published 2017, Crest BooksThe theology of William Booth, The Salvation Army's Founder and first General, was vital in its spirit and practical in focus. Booth was a product of...

  • Army Beliefs and Characteristics Volume 2

    Army Beliefs and Characteristics Volume 2

    The Salvation Army International Headquarters 256 pages. Published 1979, Campfield Press A teaching directory for Young People's Sergeant-Majors and class teachersAIMSThe second part of this two-year course continues with the aims of...

  • Say Something


    TELL THEM. WIN THEM. ESTABLISH THEM.INSPIRING ACCOUNTS OF EVERYDAY EVANGELISM By Stephen Banfield and Donna Leedom 85 pages. Published 2013, Crest Books The National Seminar on Evangelism mission is "to encourage, inspire, and equip...