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  • Isb 120: The Story


    Large format hardcover 12 x 8.5" landscape. 256 pages. Published 2012, The Salvation Army A behind-the-scenes photographic reflection on this once-in-a-lifetime event, with added personal accounts from participants and audiences alike.

  • Erik Leidzᄄᆭn: Band Arranger and Composer

    Erik Leidzᄄᆭn: Band Arranger and Composer

    Volume 29 of Studies in the History and Interpretation of Music By Ronald W. Holz 373 pages. Published 1990, The Salvation Army ForewordTo only a few individuals is given the privilege of standing head and shoulders above their...

  • The Proclaimers

    The Proclaimers

    History of The New York Staff Band 1887-2007 By Ronald W. Holz As a child, I frequently fell asleep to the sounds of New York Staff Band test-pressings wafting up the stairs of our Kearny, NJ,...

  • Celebration Morning

    Celebration Morning

    A collection of traditional Christmas carols and the stories behind them. By Ian Howes 134 pages. Published 2006, The Salvation Army It has been said that you can tell the theology of a church by the songs that it sings. God...

  • Companion to the Songbook of The Salvation Army

    Companion to the Songbook of The Salvation Army

    By Gordon Taylor 474 pages. Published 1990, The Salvation Army For use with the 1986 Songbook of the Salvation Army - North American EditionGordon Taylor, a soldier at Croydon Citadel, is the great-grandson of the songwriter, Staff...

  • Songs in the Night

    Songs in the Night

    Inspiring Stories behind 100 Hymns Born in Trial and Suffering Ultimately, a "night season" will come into every person's life. These nights of doubt, of trial, of broken relationships, of loneliness,...

  • Symphony of Thanksgiving

    Symphony of Thanksgiving

    The life and music of Commissioner Sir Dean Goffin By Cyril R. Bradwell 275 pages. Published 1994, The Salvation Army SYMPHONY OF THANKSGIVING is a the fascinating story of a man whose life's purpose was forged in the violent...